Friday, October 19, 2012

First Time Botox Recipient Concerns

The ideal recipient of Botox injections isn't necessarily a lady of a certain age. It's for women and men from a wide range of age groups. They may only be in their twenties and thirties, but their faces have begun to show signs of pre-mature aging. In some of these cases, increased hydration and use of sun block while decreasing stress or exposure to harsh weather and skin care products can cause a marked improvement. But for some women and men, the key to putting off the aging process is in a twice-annual syringe of Botox.

Regardless of a patient's age, the popularity of this non-surgical cosmetic procedure can be attributed to its excellent results with regular use. With regular use, patients soon notice how lines begin to permanently relax and diminish. The simplicity of getting a few shots that can be received in the company of friends or in one's home, combined with the proven effectiveness of correct, long-term use, is what keeps so many patients going back year after year.

Many men and women seeking the advantages of the Botox treatment for the first time want to learn what they can about the process beforehand. They want to know what it will feel like, because the descriptions of sensations can range from feeling nothing, to a very mild pinch, all the way up to a feeling similar to a bee sting. It is comforting to apply ice immediately following the injections in the office and again at home.

Patients also want to know how many shots they will have to take, and why the shots are spread across their forehead or around their mouth. They will be informed that every patient receives multiple shots of the Botox solution. For example, the forehead typically receives 18 units in order to effect a significant decrease in wrinkles.

New Botox recipients especially want to learn about how long it will take to see results. Typically, this is between 72 hours and one week. They also want to know how long the results will last, which is between 4 and 6 months. However, this is dependent upon the lifestyle and activity level of the patient. Athletes and very active individuals detox more quickly, so the injections will drain a lot faster in their bodies; meanwhile, other patients can wait up to 6 months before going in for another set of shots. The effective turnaround of this cosmetic solution is why it remains the most popular non-surgical procedure and makes up for nearly half of all cosmetic facial procedures in the country.

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  1. Women deserve to be and feel beautiful. There are actually a lot of women who have a wonderful contours on the face that can be enchanced with botox, which is why it is so popular today. There is certainly nothing wrong if a woman would want to be prettier in the pictures, especially during special occasions.

    Guy Say

  2. Off course women deserve to be beautiful and they should know that botox is a safe and effective way to achieve their goal.
    Off course it's not the only one, but for those that want to look younger it's the perfect solution.

    At one of the best botox clinics in Ottawa I recently noticed an invasion of men and women that wonted to experience the new use of botox that treats urinary inconvenience.

  3. Before you go through a Botox treatment, you must really know what to expect from it. You must at least have an idea about what the possible results might be. There are some patients that aren’t satisfied because what they’re expecting is actually far from what an actual botox treatment can give to a person. If you’re not sure about it, do your research and might as well ask your doctor to get some idea. :))

    Terry Bayer

  4. The reality is Botox is one of the world’s most commonly performed aesthetic procedures. It is safe and effective, and it’s a quick and virtually painless procedure that has tons of benefits, not only in the aesthetic sense, but in the therapeutic as well. What any first-timer should know about Botox is that it should be done by a certified plastic surgeon. Second is that it has very minimal to no down time after it has been injected.

    Geoffrey Lelia